Outdoors Performances 27th July                                12pm-5.30pm                                                                            

Folkestone Harbour Station - (see map)                                          

Photo: Nik Palmer

Billy Bubbles Bathtime: Sylvia Hunt
Errant Stage
Performance: 12pm & 4.10pm (20min)

'He may be a cute fluff ball but this dogs no handbag! Billy's been off having adventures again, we never know what he's been up to, but from the state of

his fur we can guess!!

Unfortunately all that adventuring leads to one thing, Bath time! And when its Bathtime Billy's naughtier than most, he's ready for the battle of the bath tub!
Come and watch Billy get fresh as a daisy again, and maybe even
help out! His owner obviously needs a hand!'

2010 - present

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Arbor: Smoking Apples

Platform stage

Performance: 1pm (30min)


Part Man. Part Tree. 18 feet tall. Meet Arbor.

Follow Arbor as he strides around the streets,

vanishing between trees and emerging with his

cart full of tree saplings. Arbor tells the story of a

tree pushed from his home and his fight to

preserve his future. Encouraging the audience to

plant and nurture their own trees, Arbor will give

each person a sapling to take home, leaving a

legacy that will last for generations. Arbor is an

interactive walkabout performance, suitable for the

entire family.

orangandme3 - Daisy Jordan.jpg

Orang-Utan and Me: Daisy Jordan
Errant Stage

Performance: 12.30pm & 3.45pm (15min)

As a little girl, Daisy was not allowed a real orangutan, so she had to make do with an imaginary one. This short one-woman (and-a-puppet) show takes the form of a dramatic monologue exploring the troubled relationship between Daisy and Orang-utan - the physical manifestation of her childhood imaginary friend, sewed together from bits of leather and man-made fur.

Luna Theatre - Maid of Strong Stuff1 - C

Maid of Strong Stuff: Luna Theatre
Errant Stage 

Performance: 1.40pm (35min)

The ‘Below Stairs’ world and powerful character of successful author and Edwardian kitchen maid Margaret Powell are illuminated through a personable tabletop puppet, colourful shadow puppetry and original folk songs by Charlotte Oliver. This engaging show for all ages looks at some of British and WW1 history - showing how women managed during times of starker divides between the rich and poor. Margaret inspired many through her humour, pragmatism, resilience, and her willingness to seize her waylaid dreams. 
It's never too late to make a start…


Little Rebels Theatre: Judy needs a house

Errant Stage
Performance: 2.40pm (50min)

This fun and interactive Puppet show is inspired to the Punch and Judy classic play, but this time it’s only Judy and the baby on stage. 
The story It’s Baby’s first birthday and Judy is making a party for him, where people from the audience are invited to participate. Unfortunately, through a series of events Judy and the baby will find themselves homeless. After other adventures and meeting with other characters, Judy decides to ask the children in the audience for help. Children will have to use their own creativity, skills and lots of art material and recycled cardboard boxes to make a new house for the puppets!

we are not selfish.jpg

We Are Not Selfish: Sabotage Theatre

Platform Stage

Performance: 4.30pm (1h)

Leah is angry about the world; she is trying to collect all the plastic out of the ocean before it’s too late. Her father says she should spend less time worrying about ‘adult problems’ and more time trying to make friends. Then one day, Leah finds the best piece of sea treasure ever, a plastic bottle with a mysterious phone number inside. Soon she finds herself in conversation with Ahmed, a boy adrift the sea of humanity of the Calais Jungle. But when the text messages stop, Leah must summon all her courage to build a boat from salvaged plastic and embark on an epic voyage to find her friend.


Flight of Birds: Purple Ladies
Station Platform

Workshop: 12.30pm - 4pm (durational)
Performance: 4pm (20min)


Join the Purple Ladies in learning how to fold origami cranes as they tell the story of Sadako Sasaki and how the crane came to be a peace crane, then together, fly them across the Harbour for a final ritual.
The bird, according to many fairytales can be a messenger from the unconscious or another world, it can come to heal and help put things right.


Human Puppets Theatre: Lucy Red Shoes

Station Walkway


Interactive performance: 1pm (throughout the day)

A human sized puppet Theatre booth encouraging dialogue with the general public.

Members of the public are encouraged to come inside the booth to explain their points of view on various subjects. A safe environment for differences of opinion to be shared and aired through play. 

2010 - present


arbor image hi res (1).jpg

Arbor: Smoking Apples

Walkabout: 12.30pm (30min)

Part Man. Part Tree. 18 feet tall. Meet Arbor.

Follow Arbor as he strides around the streets,

vanishing between trees and emerging with his

cart full of tree saplings. Arbor tells the story of a

tree pushed from his home and his fight to

preserve his future.

4. The Keeper's Nests - posting - judith

Never Too Old: Frolicked

Walkabout: 1.30pm & 2.45pm (30min)

A long-suffering Grandpa and a stubborn Grandma battle it out for your attention and affections. This octogenarian couple have certainly been around for decades, but they’re no strangers to the 21st century. 

They’re feisty, they’re mobile (well, just about…) and they’re connected (they know what social media is… and they’re not afraid to use it!). 

Frolicked’s oldest duo provide a love story with a difference through their antics and arguments, and they’re living proof that you're never too old to do anything..

The Keepers Nest: Judith Hope

Walkabout: 2pm & 3.30 (30min)

Based on the magpie rhyme "One for Sorrow, two for joy" which culminates in the line "seven for a secret never to be told", meet 2 giant magpie puppets as they stalk the streets in their ramshackle walking nests, seeking out the secrets of those they meet. Bystanders are encouraged to write down their secrets and post them to the magpies, in the post boxes carried in their beaks. 

The magpies promise to keep the secrets safe until the end of time!

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